Levi Vandersilt

Cleric of the Suffered Knight, brother of Lydia


“Party Dad”
Human male (Archamean)
Cleric of the Hospitaler-4th level
Acolyte background
Neutral Good
3262 xps

A neglected noble son of matriarchal society turned Cleric of the Suffered Knight
Training for a cleric of Hospitaler is very difficult and tortuous, changing who he once was
Brother of Lydia, Second in Command of the Company. A protector of the common man.

Str 13, Dex 11, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 16
Hit Dice: 4d8, Hit Points: 32

Saving Throws: Wis, Cha
Skill Profs: Insight, Medicine, Persuasion, Religion
Tool Profs: none
Languages: Alesan, Sauve, Mathic, Plesan

Features: Shelter of the Faithful, Spellcasting, Divine Domain, Life Domain, Channel Divinity (1/short rest) Turn Undead, Preserve Life/20 hp

Spell slots: (1st)x4, (2nd)x3, Cantrips: 4 Guidance, Mending, Sacred Flame, Spare the Dying, Prepare: 8 spells plus Bless, Cure Wounds, Lesser Restoration, Spiritual Weapon, Save DC: 14, Modifier: +6

Chain Mail, Shield, Holy Symbol necklace
Silvered Mace, Hand Axe
Small backpack adorned with tools and supplies, wooden strong-box
50 golden crowns, 9 silver pieces

Traits: (1) I am tolerant of and respect the worship of other gods. (2) I am the morale compass of this Company.
Ideals: Always try to help those in need, no matter the cost.
Bonds: Everything I do is for the common people.
Flaws: Suspicious of strangers and expects the worst.


Levi Vandersilt

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