The Fate of Friends

The Highwaymen's Camp
Episode 2 (Module #1)

The Company meets with the swordsman Martin Cass after defeating the men at the roadblock. Lydia and Levi meet with their leader, the well educated and noblesque Davian Paris and use wits and language skills to have a secret conversation in front of his guards. The Company works with Paris and Cass to defeat the rough grainsmen amongst the highwaymen's band. The woodsmen are returned to their homesteads and to the town and keeping his word, Paris and his men leave to the north.

Road Through the Woods
Episode 1 (Module #1)

The Company journeys through the Lower Feywood Forest to reach the highwaymen's roadblock. Old ruined columns and waypoints are passed along the road. Worgs are encounters and fought, the giant grandfather spiders lair is raided and the creatures slain. The strange behavior of owls is witnessed. The Company reaches the roadblock and the highwaymen there are quickly dispatched.

The Forming of the Company

The Lady Vandersilt sends out a summons for the forming of a Company of Heroes, like in times of olde, to protect the region from the threats of highwaymen and the growing goblin horde. The summons is sent to the circle of friends who caused the town trouble together as kids and they return (along with some new friends) under Lydia's banner as a Mercenary Company.


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